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Car rental app

Connect with your business anytime & everywhere. is Web-based software it means that is available from any device wherever you are. Connect and manage your car rental agency with simple, easy-to-use software that's ready when you are.

Multi-Language & Currency can be configured to work with other languages, currencies, and date formats. We can serve clients all over the world.

Role-based permissions

Simplify the access level management of you users by creating roles with permissions. Once you have your Roles setup, all you have to do is apply them to your users. This is the fastest way to control what your users can do and what they cannot.

Reporting makes the process of reporting easy for the Car rental agencies by providing options to export PDF daily reporting, monthly reporting and sales analysis.

Free Updates & Support

Free support and updates is included with your purchase. This will give you access to all the new features we add and a support ticket system for any issues you face.